Welcome to my travel blog! I’m Raya Polyak, and I just completed my first year as an Arts student at the University of British Columbia. What’s next for me? A six-week study abroad program in Ecuador! I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity, which wouldn’t have been possible without the undying support and encouragement of my family and friends; thanks everyone! It feels like forever since I was accepted to the program, but now that it’s finally here (I leave in two days!), I can hardly believe it. Excited doesn’t even begin to cover it; this is literally a dream come true for me.

I’ve been studying Spanish since age 12, and since then it has been my dream to become fluent. The two months I’ll be spending in South America, first in Quito, Baños, and Cuenca, Ecuador, and then Lima and Cuzco, Peru, will bring me that much closer to my goal. Travelling is also one of my passions; I can’t really explain it, but I’ve found that I truly LIVE more when I’m travelling. Ecuador, then, is the opportunity of a lifetime for me; it will allow me to get closer if not reach my goal of becoming fluent in Spanish, as well as provide me with the chance to immerse myself in another culture and embrace all that it has to offer.

I leave this Thursday at 8:30 am; let the adventure begin!


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