Another Dream Come True

At the beginning of every New Year, I find myself wrought with a sense of awe, retrospection, and heightened self-awareness. It’s always a peculiar feeling, and one I also find imbued in the following quotation from the diary of Pat Tillman:

“It is amazing the turns one’s life can take.”

Two and a half years ago, despite a lifetime of presuming my matriculation at the University of Washington after high school, I trusted my instincts and chose to enroll at the University of British Columbia instead. Eight months later, I embarked on my first study abroad experience in the wonderfully diverse country of Ecuador, and started this blog for the purpose of chronicling those experiences and sharing them with my friends and family.

At the top of the Teleférico in Quito, Ecuador


ATV-ing and motorcycling in Baños, Ecuador


Atop Warmiwañuska, or Dead Woman’s Pass, the highest point on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu near Cuzco, Peru

And now as I sit here on the second day of the year 2013, I could not be more in awe of both the unbelievable turns my life has taken, and those it will be taking in the imminent future. In 35 days, if I am able to get past this throng of challenges and difficulties associated with my student visa and housing applications, I will be on my way to Granada, Spain, where I will take courses as an exchange student at the University of Granada.


Studying abroad in Spain has been a dream of mine since I was twelve, when I first began taking Spanish courses in school. The burgeoning of my excitement and enthusiasm for the coming fruition of this dream is as such hard to express. This opportunity will allow me to further explore two passions of mine that have motivated and inspired me throughout most of my life.

First off, my passion for languages has stimulated both my continuance of both Spanish and Latin courses at UBC as an Arts student, and my intention to double major in Spanish and Classical Studies, the latter of which my Latin courses make up a significant component. My studies in Granada, then, will fulfill both my desire to delve further into my passion for the Spanish language, as well as the requisites for my intended Spanish major.

And secondly, my passion for traveling will most certainly be sparked anew as I reside in Granada and strive to adventure around the stunning and culturally rich country of Spain.

For all intents and purposes, my trip to Granada shows all the promises of being the experience of a lifetime. And that in itself is an astounding prospect. But rather than set far-reaching or exceedingly high expectations, I am determined to approach this chapter of my life with eyes, heart, and mind wide open, ready to embrace whatever it may bring.

So if you’re interested, starting in February I’ll be posting about my adventures abroad as often as I can. Feel free to take a look and keep up with me as I eagerly explore all that Spain has to offer. ¡Hasta pronto, mis amigos!

not all who wander are lost

For more on the Pat Tillman story, see John Krakauer’s Where Men Win Glory (2009).


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