What A Perfect Day in Tenerife Looks Like

You wake up, well-rested after a night in a comfortable bunk bed in the cozy and quiet Casa Grande Surf Hostel in the lazy, laid-back kitesurfing town of el Médano. You throw on your swimsuit, sandals, and favorite summer clothes, and two minutes later you’ve arrived on the shores of this beautiful beach:


You stroll along the soft and warm, extremely fine golden sand and feel the inviting tides of the Atlantic Ocean lapping at your feet, as the heat of the sun in a cloudless sky rises slowly but steadily.


Photo credit Meghan Nolt

You realize, as you proceed through the ocean surf, and the number of kitesurfers that take to the waves increases as do those warm, gusty winds, that there are two volcanoes on this beach. As it’s just after breakfast and you’re both energized and inspired by the idyllic summer setting around you, it seems like the logical choice to climb said volcanoes.


The result, as it happens, is spectacular. Both from the little one, though hardly resembling a volcano, Montaña Bocinegro:


and from Montaña Roja, the volcano that appears in all of the stereotypical shots of el Médano’s beaches:


The winds may be stronger and cooler up here, and the sun more powerful, but the island and ocean views are breathtaking, and you’re instantly reminded of just how smart of a decision it was to come to this place, even for just a short weekend.

And of course the afternoon is spent on the beach…perhaps for too long of a time, but the sunbathing followed by the dips in the warm Atlantic is certainly worth it. A summer day on the beach…in April. Imagine that.

In the evening, a lovely sunset in Costa Adeje, just northwest of el Médano, is followed by a fantastic dinner at Couer de Filet, an Italian restaurant with Spanish and French influences, and one of the most popular on the island.


Because you know the restaurant’s very amicable owner through a family friend, that bottle of wine you all decided to splurge on is, much to your delight as to your wallet’s, given to you free of charge.


Between the refreshing vichysoisse (fancy French potato and leek soup, with the Spanish twist of jamón ibérico added), the delectable salmon in puff pastry stuffed with mushrooms, almonds, onions, and prawns and drizzled with beet sauce, and the rich and delectable tiramisu, you find yourself exceedingly full but also grateful for a pleasant evening in a beautiful restaurant, well-deserving of its four-and-a-half out of five stars on Trip Advisor for its stellar service, relaxing ambience, and truly scrumptious food.

The backs of your legs may be burned from your morning spent climbing volcanoes and your afternoon spent luxuriating on the beach under the sun’s powerful rays, the taxi ride back to your hostel el Médano after dinner may have been a bit more costly than you had anticipated, but you feel content with the fullness of your day, and your memories of that Saturday you spent on the southern end of Tenerife are sweet, ones you will hold with you for years to come.

So that’s what a day in the Canary Island can look like. A simple day, but a fulfilling one nonetheless.

When you’re in kind a of paradise, it doesn’t take much.


Photo credit Meghan Nolt


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