Lisbon: Love At First Sight


It only took me a matter of hours to fall in love with Lisbon.

And over the course of my three-and-a-half-day trip there, I decided unequivocally that I could live there one day.

It’s the capital city of the fifteenth country I’ve had the opportunity of visiting in my lifetime, and already high on the list of cities I absolutely love and dream of living in one day (along with Sevilla and San Francisco).

Nearly every single feature of this city became a subject of giddy, childlike excitement and awe for me.

The panoramic views.


The creaky trolleys.


The steep and narrow cobblestone streets, lined with exceedingly charming buildings in every color of the rainbow, intricate ironwork prominent on their balconies.


The historic buildings that are scattered throughout the touristy neighborhoods of downtown Lisbon and beyond.


The beautiful waterfront walkway along the gaping Río Tejo, the 25th of April bridge in the distance.


The graffiti.


And the Costa Caparica beach, with some of the biggest waves I have ever seen, wasn’t too bad either.


What it comes down to is this: Lisbon stole my heart.

I cannot wait to go back.


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