A Weekend in Nerja


Nerja is a beach town on the Mediterranean about two hours southwest of Granada, in the province of Málaga. Like a larger and more populous version of Salobreña, the tiny beach town I visited for a day with Meghan, Nerja is known for its beaches, and both Spaniards and a surprising number of foreigners (British and Dutch, especially) flock here to relax with their families.

And so my dear host family brought me here this past weekend as a birthday present. I am so grateful, and it was such a pleasant, laid-back and relaxing visit…with a twist.

The weather wasn’t quite the clear-skied, sunniness we’d been hoping for (and as had been forecasted), but nevertheless it warm enough to spend an afternoon on the beach. It was Alejo’s first time ever at the beach, and while he was somewhat afraid of the cold Mediterranean tides, we did enjoy playing in the sand.



Photo cred Fernando Ramos

We also delighted in (twice) what I can by far deem the best ice cream I’ve had in Spain; on Sunday, for example, I indulged in a mouth-watering portion of dulce de leche and coconut flavors. Can you say YUM?


Our digs at the Hostal NerjaSol were also excellent. I mean there’s a rooftop terrace…need I say more?


Saturday evening we spent atop said terrace, sipping cervezas and munching on a picnic-like dinner, while watching the Champions League final. An idyllic evening, if I do say so myself (despite there being no Spanish team in the final…no offense to my German friends, or any fan of Bayern or Dortmund! 🙂 ).

And my last view of this darling little town that night was none other than a stunning almost-full moon over the water:


Meanwhile, Sunday brought about the unexpected twist, if you will, in my lazy beach weekend: as per a spur of the moment decision, I went to the famous Cuevas de Nerja, millions of years old caves formed naturally over time, and home to one of the largest stalactite/stalagmite columns in the world. Who would’ve thought.

To be honest, when I hear the word cave my mind doesn’t automatically associate it with majesty or spectacle. But oh man was my mind blown when I made it down the first flight of stairs and into the gaping caverns.


As I reflected in the caption of my latest Instagram post, I felt like I had been transported to the world of the Land Before Time movies, half-expecting for Ducky or Littlefoot to jump out at me. It was so bizarre, surreal, and unbelievable all at once.


Experiences like this one I had in Nerja remind me once again just how lucky and privileged I am to have lived with this wonderful host family. To be welcomed into their incredible family with such warmth and love, and to be treated to such a lovely weekend in their exceptional company, are gifts that I am beyond grateful for. 

Muchísimas gracias a mi querida familia “granaina”/argentina por una experiencia inolvidable 🙂


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