My Jaunt in the City of Love

Ah, Paris. The city of love, the city that holds the key to your heart.

With a city as iconic and as famous as Paris, it was hard not to have high expectations prior to my trip there this past week. While I wasn’t blown away from the get-go, in part due to the stop-and-go rain showers and the fact that the city is just so overwhelmingly huge, by the end of my three-and-a-half days there, I found myself finally starting to fall for Paris’ undeniable charm.

The primary purpose of my trip to Paris was to visit friends of mine who are studying there, my friend Lauren from UBC who I met on my summer study abroad in Ecuador, and one of my host brothers from that same trip, mi querido hermano quiteño Gabo. It was so lovely to see them both again, after two months and two years, respectively, and I am so grateful that the two of them made time to hang out with me and show me around.

In the brief time I spent there, I managed to see quite a bit. Here are the highlights:

Wandering the city streets

Strolling along and stopping for lunches on the Seine

Seeing the quintessential monuments…

…and other famous sites

Eating a la parisienne

And last but not least, spending time with my loves 🙂

And to think I almost didn’t go to Paris because I’d already been over a decade ago…what a wonderful decision it was to go again.


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